10 features of a great family car

Cars nowadays come with a variety of features and due to the advancement of technology, even an affordable, small car can have several different characteristics for safety and comfort. But what constitutes a good family car in all categories? There are certain features that are particularly handy when it comes to travelling with your family.

Anti-lock brakes

A very common feature in most cars but especially important in a family car. When you brake suddenly in order to avoid an accident, you don’t want your brakes to lock causing the car to slide and getting out of control.


Front but also side airbags are important to protect all the members of the family.

Programmable keys

This is a great feature if you have teens in your family. You can program your key to set top speed limits, monitor the sound of the radio and other things.

Camera in the back and/or sensors

Especially in big cars, it is useful to have a rear camera or sensors to help you spot an item that cannot be seen from the drivers’ seat or from the mirrors.

4 wheel drive

4 wheel drives are safer to drive in bad weather, so make sure your car either employs this feature or has an option that allows you to turn it on when you need it.

Additional seating

If you have a large family, seating other than the standard will make everyone in the car more comfortable. So pick a car that has a third row of seating or foldable seats in the back to enjoy the additional space.


In long trips, a DVD in the back seats will make your travels calmer and more enjoyable for the children. Headphones are also great if you don’t want to be bothered by the noise and if your system allows for separate headphones for each passenger, so much the better.


Sunshades will come in handy when you travel for long hours in the middle of the day when the sun is shining.

Childrens’ locks

A paramount safety feature that prevents children from opening the doors on their own. Most cars employ this feature.


The bigger the space available, the better for everyone. Luggage, rucksacks and accessories will not be on your way in the living space of the car.

Whether you are buying a car or renting a car, the above features should be in place. When you are renting a car, make sure you ask for certain accessories such as sunshades that can be provided by the car rental company. Even if they don’t have everything you need readily available, there is no harm in asking.

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