A transfer fairy tale in Athens Greece

A long time travel enthusiast, Mrs Kara Gates, describes her newly found travel trick of booking transfers ahead of travel.

‘I had made plans to visit Greece, one of my favourite destinations on the planet, with my family of 5 and I had literally covered every detail of our trip concerning tickets, accommodation and not-to-miss activities. It then occurred to me that the only thing missing was our transfers from place to place, one of the most difficult things to plan ahead. Surprisingly, once I took the time to devote to our transfers I was amazed to discover how easy it is to cover this part even from the comfort of my couch. You see, one there, it is not so easy to research options, browse webpages in greek and identify deals, and frankly, I didn’t want to have to do it when I could just focus on enjoying our trip. So, I found some services online that can cover all transfer needs with minimal effort and at the right price.

Once we arrived at the airport we were picked up and brought to our hotel by a delightful driver in a minivan that could accommodate all 6 of us (including the driver), no questions asked. We got our first briefing on the situation in Greece by the charming driver who also gave us some tips on how to go about in the following days in the greek capital. For the next few days, we had arranged to visit some islands and we needed to reach the port. Not only did my booked transfer get us to the port of Piraeus right from the entrance of our hotel, but it also moved us to our hotel on the island of Aegina that we had chosen to start off our island hopping.

The whole trip unfolded as I had planned, together with our return to Athens and the airport for our trip home. We did not have to think of anything in terms of how to get from one place to the next and we all enjoyed the comfort, timeliness and professionalism of our transfers experience. You see, we are 5 which means that the average taxi will not be able to accommodate us all, so we need to go the extra mile in order to avoid overpaying. But even if we weren’t, I don’t think I will make another trip without predicting for a travel arrangement as important as transfers.’

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