Will autonomous cars deprive us of the joy of driving?

Some people might claim that in something like a few years from now, when the streets will be filled with robot cars that we don’t have to steer ourselves, we will miss out on the joy of driving. For all us driving enthusiasts this might be true, but there are benefits that we might be foreseeing.

First, we will be able to engage in other activities while in the car such as reading the paper, interacting with our phone or tablet, even work. Who would not benefit from some extra time to pursue everyday activities that are impossible when we are behind the wheel? Some of us commute for 3 or more hours in total every day. If you count those hours, they make up a considerable amount of lost time that we could exploit more productively.

There is also the question of car accidents. Autonomous cars are made so as to never crash with one another on the road or hit a pedestrian. This would save hundreds of thousands of lives around the globe, and many more injuries caused by car crashes. If the joy of driving is put next to increased safety and even lower insurance rates, most people would probably agree that safety and cost prevail.

For those who want to drive, eg an antique car of let’s say 2016, there might be a devoted lane or certain highways still available for ‘regular’ cars. Technology brings changes and changes should be embraced if they move us forward.

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